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This page content serval things done by WYQ*, something that WYQ love.

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The Estimated Finish Time is about Mar 20, 2022. Files are still uploading.


WYQ is a human, who is seeking development and…

WYQ is not limited by most things in the world, and does not be well defined.

WYQ are here to help

Students Union in Chongqing No.1 International Studies School

WYQ looked for the president and vice-president in Senior 3.

I wish to makes my school great again through Students Union.

However, I failed.

I found my problem during the review.

  1. Freshmen cannot understand English well.
  2. My speech is not very clear.

The PPT I used is below:


WYQ are Enriching Activities.

Behind the Voice

Behind the Voice is an English dubbing Contest hold by the English teachers in my school.

I am responsible for integrating material, screen content production and control, stage effect, lighting effect, audio effect and other control.

The following is the screen content (commonly known as PPT) of the 2021 event. The background is rendered by AE. There are many video providers. The whole PPT is made by Keynote.

Took about 5days.


WYQ are Recording and Memorizing the Beaty.


Bilibili (stylized bilibili), nicknamed The Website B ("B 站"), is a Chinese video sharing website based in Shanghai, themed around animation, comics, and games (ACG), where users can submit, view and add overlaid commentary on videos. Bilibili uses Adobe Flash or HTML5 player, to play user submitted videos hosted by either itself or third-party sources, featuring a scrolling danmu ("bullet curtain," 弹幕) commenting system. Since the mid-2010s, Bilibili began to expand to a broader audience from its original niche market that focused on animation and games, and it has become one of the major Chinese video on demand over-the-top streaming platforms that programs critically acclaimed and popular documentariesvariety shows, and other original programming. (From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilibili)



WYQ are loving some.

WYQ are playing some games with strong passions.

WYQ are Social Human

Non-Gov. Org

  1. CQISC (enhance the relationship between International Schools in Chongqing, renewed version)
  2. Pathway (Sharing overseas and major-based studying information to freshmen)
  3. CS Helper (Promoting Computer-related education to undeveloped areas, mountainous areas in Guizhou for example. And helping students around us who are not talented or able to follow the curriculums)
  4. PlanetCity (New-startup, this is a store that encourage the Chinese High School Students to sell their second-handed products)
  5. Matchmaker Plan (New-startup; helping others to form competition team platform; providing qualified test and past experiences collector and searching websites)
    1. National Economic Challenge Program

WYQ is Saying!

The future is tech! But human will bring humanity to there!

We cannot be limited!

We are the one who define our life.

We are walking on the single-plank.
We are seeking peace and chaos.

Be used to loneliness, this is the life.

Reference & Notice

  • WYQ refer Wang Yueqiao, 王越乔.