WIC, William Infinite Cloud.

It is a cloud terminal built by William_WYQ with various functions.

Its main purpose is to show William_WYQ and provide convenient services for William_WYQ and his friends.


June 2019
WIC 1.0
The first generation of WIC is a fully free website built through a third-party website construction platform without any investment. Of course, the use effect is also average.
July 2021
WIC 2.0
The second generation of WIC builds servers in Seattle, and WIC1.0 provides services with network cloud storage based on Seafile file system.
Nov 2021
WIC 3.0
WIC begins to mature and builds WordPress blog, NextCloud, etc.
The WIC 3.0 is built in a ten-thousand-megabit network server provider in Seattle.
And WIC now has its now domain name.
WIC 4.0
The fourth generation of WIC will add more functions and optimize the original system...
Building a WIC mail server and expanding cloud storage capacity is the primary task.
In continuous design...

Still in Progress.

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